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How it Works

How It Works

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The Impact of Cognitive Decline

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 16 million people in the United States are living with cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment can have profound implications on the quality of life for both the affected individual suffering the decline and for the their family. Cognitive impairment can accompany normal aging and may be caused by many things, most often just normal age related cognitive decline.



PERCEPTIV – The Science Behind our Formulation

  • Supported by >45 peer-reviewed publications
  • Effective in 7 published clinical studies, total of 350 participants, published from 2008-2016
  • Presented at 4 international conferences – Including AAIC (Alzheimer’s Association International Conference), a conference devoted to improving memory and cognition
  • No reported adverse events have been reported with the use of PERCEPTIV

Clinical studies demonstrate PERCEPTIV can

  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Improve mood
  • Help you perform complex mental tasks as if 15-20 years younger

Laboratory studies demonstrate that PERCEPTIV can

  • Provide antioxidant defenses
  • Supply extra energy
  • Restore diminished neurotransmitters
PERCEPTIV helps to re-energize your brain and maintain its health – so you can be at peak mental performance every day.

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PERCEPTIV-BOTTLEPERCEPTIV is an all-natural health supplement formulated to help protect and increase brain function.

As we age, our bodies slow down. The same is true our brains. Remembering things can become more and more difficult. This becomes even more difficult with “Mild Cognitive Impairment” and Alzheimer’s disease. There are many prescription drugs that can help, but you have to be diagnosed with considerable memory loss before they can be prescribed. This means waiting until you have already lost enough brain power for it to be obvious to you, your family or your Doctor.

Over 20 Years of Research

clocks###aThe power of  PERCEPTIV can be seen in the years of clinical research and results. An 88 year old male participant suffering from normal cognitive decline was asked to complete  the standard “Clock Drawing Test”. As you can see from the clock on the far left the participant was not able to complete it with detail. After nine months of using PERCEPTIV, you can see the participant was able to complete the entire picture of the clock more accurately.*

Experience Quality In Every PERCEPTIV Bottle

  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured in 100% safety certified cGMP facilities
  • Clinically proven effective by professional healthcare practitioners
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 30 day supply – 60 tablets (2 per day)

PERCEPTIV  is one of the only clinically tested brain health supplements. In addition to improving memory and one’s overall mental clarity, studies have shown that PERCEPTIV may help reduce cognitive decline due to aging.

The value of PERCEPTIV is second to none, as it supplies essential nutrients for proper brain function while still saving time and most importantly money!

Ready to improve memory & unlock your brains full potential?

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