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Formulation Proven Effective In Independent Clinical Trials“* To: PERCEPTIV® Procera AVH Prevagen Cerebral
Builds Defense Against Normal Brain Damage YES No No No No
Start Seeing Results In As Little as 2 Weeks YES No No No No
Improve Mental Clarity YES Yes Yes No Yes
Improve Memory Recall YES Yes Yes No No
Improve Mood YES Yes No No No
Improve Focus & Concentration YES Yes n/a No Yes
Free Memory & Brain Power Test YES Yes n/a n/a n/a
Perform as if 15-20 Years Younger on Standard Memory/Cognitive Tests YES No No No No
Proven In 7 Independent Clinical Studies YES No No No No

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*Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study with a significant number of participants.
¹Procera AVH took 30 days compared to PERCEPTIV which had results in 2 weeks.

How does PERCEPTIV Differ From the Other Guys?

PERCEPTIV is the end result of over 20 years of research and 7 published university-directed clinical studies.  The rigorous research supporting PERCEPTIV means that you can
rely on its unmatched efficacy and proven safety.

Are all “Brain Supplements” the same?

Each supplement has their own unique formulation. Most of the “Results shown in 6 hours” products are only temporary and they do not help prevent cognitive decline.

They often have very limited clinical studies that reference studies of ingredients, not the products complete formula. PERCEPTIV has over 20 years of research and numerous clinical studies supporting the efficacy of its formulation.

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