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Perceptiv Testimonial

He’s more himself!

Barbara F., Family Support Provider

“I remember when he [father] came first out of the hospital and said, ‘I have memory problems’. I brought PERCEPTIV to the doctor and he said there were no side effects. We decided to give it a try.  He is now back to playing memory games, and playing cards with company. He couldn’t remember what they were [the cards and games], prior to PERCEPTIV. He’s more himself.”

Pharmacist Perceptiv

Pharmacist Approved

Gary K., Pharmacist & Doctor

Up until now there hasn’t been anything that has had clinical studies. When I received information about PERCEPTIV, I was excited because of the clinical double blind studies behind it.

This isn’t just a theory of ingredients that will hopefully work. This has been studied and tweaked and they really do work.”

Mike Perceptiv

I Think More Clearly

Mike P., Business Owner

“The mental clarity is spilling into my physical world and allowing me to see things much more clearly. One great example, my desk is [was] always pretty messy. Now it’s getting much better, it’s night and day from where it was. Literally, I can compartmentalize much things better and think more clearly. It’s one of the benefits of the last couple weeks.”

MotherStory Perceptiv

Had my Mother Back

Shawn M, Pharmacist & Family Supporter

“My mother was wandering at night, hiding things. Calling me at 3am, it was very unnerving. We decided to put mother on PERCEPTIV. It was absolutely remarkable what happened. In 2 to 3 weeks we had my mother back. I now take the time to talk to people and tell them about the results I have seen with my other customers, and my mother.”

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Help Increase Brain Power and protect against normal cognitive decline.

PERCEPTIV is a true cognitive supplement formula that has stunning results in independent clinical studies.


  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase memory recall and the ability to learn information
  • Improve self confidence, overall mood and mental clarity
  • Fast Results can show in as little as two weeks
  • Feel comfortable with a clinically proven supplement
  • Get your mental edge back today

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See Why PERCEPTIV is the #1 Brain Supplement*

Builds Defense Against Normal Brain Damage YES No
Results In As Little as 2 Weeks YES No
Improve Mental Clarity YES Yes
Proven in 7 Independent Clinical Studies YES No
Perform as if 15-20 Years Younger on Standard Cognitive Tests YES No

Compare To Rest

How it Works

Laboratory studies demonstrate PERCEPTIV works to:

1. Provide Antioxidant defenses to the brain
2. Supply extra energy
3. Restore diminished neurotransmitter levels

PERCEPTIV helps to re-energize your brain and maintain its health – so you can be at peak mental performance every day.

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20 Years of Research & Development Led By Dr. Thomas Shea

Dr. Thomas Shea – Lead Researcher

Dr. Thomas Shea – Lead Researcher

PERCEPTIV is the result of 20 years of research, led by Dr. Thomas Shea, Director of the Center for Cellular Neurobiology & Neurodegeneration Research at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.  Previous to UMASS, Dr. Shea studied at Harvard Medical School focusing on the development of the nervous system.

Dr. Shea conducted 7 independent clinical studies on the PERCEPTIV formula.   5 of the studies are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and the 2 most recent which were partially funded by the Alzheimer’s Association, are pending publication in a highly regarded medical journal.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Shea has led to the publication of more than 60 scientific reports and to the development and patenting of the PERCEPTIV formulation.  He has also contributed to over 300 additional healthcare publications surrounding brain function and health.

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STUDY: Healthy Adults Showed Improved Cognitive Performance In As Little as 2 Weeks!*

Participants of both genders ranging between 18 through 86 were randomly assigned to the PERCEPTIV formula or to a placebo group.

Results: There was statistical improvement in cognitive performance for users of the PERCEPTIV formula within 2 weeks and they continued to improve over a total of 4 weeks. Users who took the placebo showed no improvement until they took the PERCEPTIV formulation and saw cognitive improvement in 2 weeks.

For a full review of our major independent clinical studies click here.

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