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PERCEPTIV-BOTTLEPERCEPTIV is a patented nutraceutical formula clinically proven to protect against the normal cognitive decline associated with aging while building the body’s natural defenses against cell damage.*

          • Protects Brain Cells*
          • Produces Valuable Antioxidants
          • Supplies Cells with Energy
          • Maintains Healthy Brain Cells

PERCEPTIV is the result of 20 years of research and 5 published university-directed independent clinical studies, with 2 additional studies to be published soon. The unique blend of vitamins and clinically researched nutrients needed to maintain cellular health and vitality in the brain was developed by neuroscientists in  studies conducted by a leading U.S. university.

Your Brain Needs PERCEPTIV Nutrients

PERCEPTIV provides a precise blend of ingredients and nutrients that support brain function. Relying on individual vitamins such as folate and B vitamins has been shown to have little or no significant effect on cognitive improvement. The patented blend of PERCEPTIV vitamins and nutrients has been clinically proven to provide better results than taking each nutrient individually.

5 Things You Should Know About PERCEPTIV

  1. Improves and maintains short-term memory*
  2. Enhances mental clarity and performance*
  3. Builds defenses against normal brain cell damage*
  4. Helps restore a healthy mood*
  5. Increases executive function by 20%*

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The Science Behind PERCEPTIV

PERCEPTIV is a health supplement designed to support and improve cognitive decline. The ingredients include 3 vitamins – folic acid, Vitamin E (as natural alpha-tocopherol), and Vitamin B12 (as cyancobalamin), each representing a 100% recommended daily nutritional value.  The other three ingredients; Acetyl L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, and S-Adenosyl Methionine (“SAMe”) are “nutraceuticals”. Our bodies can make them, but we tend not to make enough, so supplementation is vital.

The Power of PERCEPTIV IngredientsPerceptiv_SupFacts_Brief_081512

  • Folic Acid, B12 and Vitamin E – Supply powerful antioxidants that the body cannot make as well as protect brain cells.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine – An essential nutrient for producing antioxidants. As we age the body produces less and less N-acetyl Cysteine which requires supplementation or diet change.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Protein that supplies energy for the brain. It also is needed to produce and upkeep healthy brain cells.
  • S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) – Essential nutrient to allow brain cells to use their antioxidants which protects cells from damage or even dying. It also a necessary component of the brain as it helps maintain neurotransmitter levels.

This exact combination of ingredients acts synergistically within the brain to create the power of PERCEPTIV. Antioxidants greatly help the brain in counteracting the structural damage. They help the cells protect themselves and have the means to repair any damage done by free radicals and age. Many other products provide antioxidant protection, but they stop there. PERCEPTIV also makes antioxidants bioavailable. You could have all the antioxidants you need, but you may not be able to use them effectively without key ingredients of PERCEPTIV.

PERCEPTIV supports a key metabolic pathway (the “Methionine Cycle”) that is essential for long-term health of brain cells. PERCEPTIV helps build neurotransmitters, which are essential for brain cells to communicate. This allows us to think, form and better recall our memories. Finally, PERCEPTIV supplies a unique energy source to brain cells, which allows them to function at their fullest.

Don’t miss the powerful benefits of PERCEPTIV!

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Why Diet Alone Isn’t Enough

Yes, you can receive some of these nutrients through an excellent diet. However, the average American does not consume a proper diet, which for optimal brain health should include fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables and fish. Even when we do our best, we should recognize that the vitamin and nutrient content of fruits and vegetables typically declines by the time we cook and consume them. Many healthcare practitioners advise most people to take some sort of supplementation to make up for the lack of nutrition they consume daily.

Over the course of several studies, PERCEPTIV has helped reduce cognitive decline within two weeks of first taking the supplement. This study included 43 participants, half which were given PERCEPTIV and the other half a placebo. Each individual that was given PERCEPTIV increased short term as well as long term memory.

Additional studies showed improvements in mood, including reduced agitation, irritability and a restoration of appetite. Problems in these behaviors accompany cognitive decline, and are more difficult for a loved one to manage than memory loss.

People are always asking me what can I do for my memory, what can I do for my parents.  And, up until now there really hasn’t been anything with clinical studies.  When I received some information about  PERCEPTIV, I was real excited because there are clinical double blind studies behind it.  It isn’t just in theory the different ingredients blended together would work, they’ve been studied and tweaked and they really do work.

Gary K., Pharmacist and Naturopathic Doctor, Waltham, MA

Over 20 Years of Research

clocks###aThe power of  PERCEPTIV can be seen in the years of clinical research and results. An 88 year old male participant suffering from normal cognitive decline was asked to complete  the standard “Clock Drawing Test”. As you can see from the clock on the far left the participant was not able to complete it with detail. After nine months of using PERCEPTIV, you can see the participant was able to complete the entire picture of the clock more accurately.*

Scientific Studies

PERCEPTIV is the result of 20 years of research and five published university-directed independent clinical studies, with 2 additional studies to be published soon.  The unique blend of vitamins and clinically researched nutrients needed to maintain cellular health and vitality in the brain was developed by neuroscientists in nationwide studies conducted by a leading U.S. university.

The chart below shows clinically measured improvement for adults with cognitive problems.  To learn about these clinical studies and other research on brain health from 20 years of research on brain health, please click here.

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Real Life Results from PERCEPTIV

When taken as directed – two tablets daily – the brain nutrients contained in PERCEPTIV have been proven to protect against the normal cognitive decline associated with aging, enhance mental clarity, help improve memory and restore a healthy mood.  If you’ve been searching for a cognitive supplement that is supported by published scientific research, that can help restore the brain nutrients needed to defend against the ill effects of age and stress, you’ve found it – PERCEPTIV.ProductHeaderNew32323423

PERCEPTIV is made in the U.S. under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) that are the standards required by the FDA.  As a cGMP product, the formula in PERCEPTIV must meet stringent quality standards. 

The quality and efficacy of PERCEPTIV comes from the synergistic combination of its formula, proven in independent clinical studies.  All ingredients used are within the safe limits that scientists have found help maintain cellular health and vitality in the brain.

In five clinical studies there have not been any adverse effects found from taking PERCEPTIV. 


Cognitive Performance Test

43 Participants of both genders ranging between 18 through 86 that had no suspected dementia or memory problems were randomly assigned to the ”nutriceutical formulation” (NF) now available as PERCEPTIV or to a placebo group.

  1. There was statistical improvement in cognitive performance for users of PERCEPTIV within 2 weeks and they continued to improve over a total of 4 weeks.
  2. Those who received placebo did not improve. However, once they were switched from placebo to PERCEPTIV (and therefore called a “delayed start” group), they also improved within the subsequent 2 weeks to an extent equivalent to that of the original PERCEPTIV group.

For a review of that clinical study click here. We also have several clinical research citations for further knowledge.

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What you receive in each bottle

  • 100% safety certified cGMP facilities
  • Clinically tested by professional healthcare practitioners
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Made in the USA
  • Each Bottle contains a 30 day supply – 60 tablets (2 per day)

PERCEPTIV is one of the only clinically tested brain health supplements. Studies have shown that PERCEPTIV may help prevent cognitive decline due to aging as well as help with those suffering from dementia and cognitive decline.

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