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People all across the country are experiencing the benefits PERCEPTIV ®. Below are direct testimonials from people just like you who use PERCEPTIV to Think Better. If you or a loved one has benefited from PERCEPTIV and would love to share your experience, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Daughter sees her father’s transformation back to his old self

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.34.59 AMI remember when he came first out of the hospital and said, ‘I have memory problems’. I was looking for a product that didn’t have side effects. I brought PERCEPTIV to the doctor and he said there were not side effects. We decided to give it a try.

After time he is back to playing memory games, playing cards with company. He couldn’t remember what they were [prior to PERCEPTIV]. He’s more himself.”

Barbara F, Family Support Provider

“Allowing Me to See Things Much More Clearly”

Mike PerceptivThe mental clarity is spilling into my physical world and allowing me to see things much more clearly. One great example, my desk is [was] always pretty messy. Now it’s getting much better, it’s night and day from where it was. Literally, I can compartmentalize much things better and think more clearly. It’s one of the benefits of the last couple weeks.

One of the biggest benefits is the confidence you feel because you feel better & you also are thinking more clearly. People notice when you are confident about something and you know what you want to say and it’s organized, and you have clarity in mind, that’s a huge advantage”

Mike P., Business Owner

Pharmacist Approved

Pharmacist PerceptivPeople are always asking me ‘what can I do for my memory?’. Up until now there hasn’t been anything that has had clinical studies. When I received information behind PERCEPTIV, I was excited because of the clinical double blind study behind it.

This isn’t just a theory of ingredients that will hopefully work. This is been studied and tweaked and they really do work.”

Gary K., Pharmacist & Doctor Naturopathic Medicine.

“In 2 to 3 weeks we had our mother back”

MotherStory PerceptivMy involvement is a personal & a professional one. My mother was wandering at night, hiding things. Calling me at 3am, it was very unnerving. We decided to put mother on PERCEPTIV. It was absolutely remarkable what happened!

In 2 to 3 weeks we had my mother back. I would take the time to talk to people and tell them what I seen with my other customers, and my mother about the results.”

Shawn M, Pharmacist & Family Supporter

More PERCEPTIV Success Stories

As a caretaker, family member, or medical professional the health of your loved ones matters. Below are testimonials of people just like you who helped their loved ones (or themselves) try PERCEPTIV to Think Better. For additional videos and testimonials, check out our Youtube Channel today!

“Recommended PERCEPTIV to several friends and relatives and will continue to do so.”

“I have been using PERCEPTIV for over a year.  My sister in law works in health care for the elderly.  She  heard about PERCEPTIV at a memory workshop, where a colleague of her’s shared the results of patients who were in a study comparing PERCEPTIV use to a placebo. The results were remarkable. I asked my own doctor about the ingredients in PERCEPTIV just to be safe. He saw no concerns with the listed ingredients or concentrations. I began taking PERCEPTIV and have noticed a huge difference in my memory function. I have recommended the product to several friends and relatives and will continue to do so.”- Janet P., MI

A university professor notes: 

“Usually names leave me within 5 minutes of introductions, but now after taking PERCEPTIV for the past month I can remember every student in both of my Summer classes (nearly 50 students). Other teachers have accused me of “showing off.” But I can even recall their names if I see them outside of class on campus. It’s great!” -D. L. age 38,  Utah

“My recall is faster and my mood has improved”

“I have been taking this supplement for 3 months now, and have noticed a big difference in focus and concentration. My recall is faster and my mood has improved, which was an added bonus. I like that PERCEPTIV is an all-natural supplement and I was impressed to see so many clinical studies associated with it. It has become a key daily supplement for me, and I highly recommend it.” – Suzanne S., MA

“Helped with my sleeping issues”

“My grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease and it was heartbreaking watching him go through it. There is a hereditary connection and I have always been concerned
about keeping my faculties as I age. I decided to try PERCEPTIV to help stave off any issues, to help with my cognitive function, and to help with my mood overall. In the 3 months I have been taking PERCEPTIV, I have noticed a huge change in my mood and thinking. It has also helped with my sleeping issues which
have always been a problem for me. This is a great product that everyone should try, not just those with a family history of Alzheimer’s” – Holly P., MA

“A sharper memory, a better mood, and a stronger ability to engage.”

“I’m a forty-one year old male. About four years ago I began to notice that my memory wasn’t as sharp as it had been. At first I thought it was temporary. However, my memory didn’t improve and that left me struggling, believing that this was my new normal for the second half of my life. While confiding about my frustration with a friend, he told me about PERCEPTIV and its ability to address my very memory issues. After six weeks, I’m already starting to notice changes, like a sharper memory, a better mood, and a stronger ability to engage in more technical or thoughtful conversations. Sometimes I’m speaking with someone and I’m simultaneously thinking to myself: I haven’t felt this engaged and competent in a long time. Thank you, PERCEPTIV . I can’t believe how much better I feel.”
-Rob S., age 41, MA

“After taking it for just a few days I began feeling its effects”

I am a 48-year-old male who has tried several different remedies in an effort to “feel better.” I am a regular gym attender and have, in the past, tried several vitamin and herbal supplements in effort to counteract the effects of a stressful, constantly on-the-go lifestyle. I have continually fought tiredness and the adverse effects of just not feeling quite right. There have, in fact, been many days where I would plug along feeling like I had just been shaken out of bed and immediately made to function. For the longest time I figured that was just normal for a person my age, until I discovered PERCEPTIV. After taking it for just a few days I began feeling its effects. And now, I can honestly say that I feel much better than I have in years.
B. N. – Layton, Utah

From a loving daughter:

You should know, I have been raving about PERCEPTIV and you may see some orders coming from the Henderson, NV area. I am a true believer that PERCEPTIV has been instrumental in an incredible turn around over the last 2 weeks for my mum, who has had some brain trauma. The change in her personality, mood and cognitive ability is just amazing and the only factor that has changed is we added PERCEPTIV to her medication twice daily.
– Lorraine, Henderson, Nevada

The wife of a 68 year old man in our study noted:

“I used to be concerned about my husband’s memory. Now (after being on the PERCEPTIV formula for 6 months) not only does he remember better, his reflexes are much better. Plus he is much calmer and more patient. He’s even gone back to winning on Jeopardy!”
– Wendy S., Ogden, Utah

Results so amazing she hugged her pharmacist:

“My husband has been on PERCEPTIV for almost 2 months. He’s had the most incredible improvement anybody could see. He is now interacting more, he’s talking, and feeding himself. I can now play a little solitaire cards with him. I came in here to hug my pharmacist because I thank him from the bottom of my heart for how he has helped us.”
– Impromptu testimonial to pharmacist, Andover, MA.

“he remembers things I don’t remember”

“My husband Ed was having problems with his memory, driving, temper, and general confusion. He would Lose things and when found said he didn’t put it there. Get lost driving and would get very angry if things didn’t go his way. He has been on the supplement [PERCEPTIV] for almost a year now. He is so much better, he remembers things I don’t remember and his temper is much better and generally he is better. In April he saw his neurologist and she was so impressed that she said he didn’t need to come back.
– Claudia G., Ogden, UT

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