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Stress and Your Memory

Stress and Your Memory

A 2010 study found that chronic stress drastically reduces spatial memory, or the memory that you need every day to remember people, places and things.  There have been a number of studies linking memory loss to stress. When you are experiencing stressors in your life, the effects interfere with your ability to retrieve information. Physically, your body secretes stress hormones into your bloodstream, which can cause long term damage. Stress impacts cognitive functioning in your brain, making it difficult for your brain to remember even the simplest of things, as well as interfering with your ability to learn new things. It’s simple – when you are stressed, you cannot pay full attention. It prevents us from not only taking in new information, but cuts down on our ability to retrieve information from our stored long and short term memory.

If the stressors in your life are ongoing, the effects can become devastating. UC Berkeley Neuroscientists have found that chronic stress can create long term changes in your brain. It can decrease the neurons that help you to process information. These researchers feel that people who are exposed to chronic stress are prone to learning disorders and mood disorders.

Although not all stress is bad, nor can anyone avoid all stressors at all times, there are several changes that people can make to help to eliminate some stress, and move towards a healthier lifestyle. These changes include trying to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, including physical and mental exercises in your daily routine, trying to get the rest your body needs to stay refreshed, and adding in those nutrients that are essential to both a healthy body, and a healthy mind.

One such nutrient is SAMe. There has been extensive research that has revealed that SAMe increases the availability of the crucial neurotransmitter’s serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These neurotransmitters directly correlate with your mood, and with your perception of the stressors in your life. SAMe is formed naturally in the body, and is found in all cells. However, some people do not make as much of this essential nutrient as others, and some make very little on their own. For those people, SAMe is available in supplement form.

PERCEPTIV™, developed at University of Massachusetts Lowell, and backed by 20 years of scientific research, is a clinically proven, all natural formula that will not only keep your mind clear and sharp, but it also contains the daily recommended dose of SAMe. By taking PERCEPTIV daily, you can work to restore some of the decline caused by past stress, and also restore a healthier mood, allowing you to view stressors more objectively, therefore reducing the impact of stress on your brain.


PERCEPTIV is a patented nutraceutical formula clinically proven to protect against the normal cognitive decline associated with aging while building the body’s natural defenses against cell damage.* PERCEPTIV is the result of 20 years of research and 5 published university-directed independent clinical studies, with 2 additional studies to be published soon. The unique blend of vitamins and clinically researched nutrients needed to maintain cellular health and vitality in the brain was developed by neuroscientists in studies conducted by a leading U.S. university.

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