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Clinical Studies for Perceptiv

Clinical Studies for PERCEPTIV

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The following independent clinical studies were conducted utilizing the complete, patented nutraceutical formula found in PERCEPTIV®.

They do not make claims regarding the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. To see our total list of clinical citations, click here.

The PERCEPTIV Formulation Maintained or Improved Cognitive Performance and Mood/Behavior

ViewStudy 1In prior University studies, the PERCEPTIV formulation improved or maintained cognitive performance and behavioral difficulties for small groups of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The same team of researchers conducted phase II studies with > 100 individuals, sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.  These phase II studies show users who took the PERCEPTIV formula maintained and/or improve mood, behavior and cognitive performance.

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The PERCEPTIV Formulation Shows Cognitive Improvement in as Little as 2 Weeks*

ViewStudy 1Participants of both genders ranging between 18 through 86 that had no suspected dementia or memory problems were randomly assigned to the ”nutraceutical formulation” (NF) now available as PERCEPTIV or to a placebo group. This clinical double blind study shows users who took the PERCEPTIV formula showed signs of cognitive improvement.

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STUDY: Users of The PERCEPTIV Formulation Show Improved Memory Scores and Increased Recall*

ViewStudy 2In a 2009 study in which the PERCEPTIV Formula was put to the test against a placebo. Users of the formula took their dosage for 9 months. The results concluded from the study where that the users who took the PERCEPTIV formula for a long period of time, showed improvement in their memory test scores. Compared to no improvement (and in some cases, continued decline) from the users who used a placebo.

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Study Shows Increased Mood, Quality of Sleep, Less Irritability, and Overall Mental Improvement Using The PERCEPTIV Formulation*

ViewStudy 3In a 2008 year long study (extended to 28 months at the request of caregivers), participants who were showing signs of cognitive decline were given the formula that is now PERCEPTIV.  Participants in this clinical study had an increase in quality of sleep, improved mood, increased ability to maintain, and in some cases, improve both their cognitive and behavioral performance. They also showed no further cognitive decline while taking the PERCEPTIV formula.

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